Strategic Vision

Illuminate the road of dreams

  • Dossen Hotel Group

    Enterprise Vision: To Become the World's First Class Hotel Group

    Enterprise Mission: To Illuminate the Road of Dreams

    Enterprise Values: Passion and Focus,Cooperation and Sharing, Result-oriented and People-oriented.

  • International Strategy

    With international layout and steady development, we have established international standards for our products, operations, investments and developments teams.

    Continuously build and manage more high-quality hotels internationally.

    Continuously promote the internationalization of the group’s operations, aiming to become a world's first class hotel group and a respected hotel brand in the world.

  • Financial Strategy

    To build the most distinctive and influential financial brand in the hotel industry, based on platform strategy and international strategy, guided by serving hotel practitioners, investors, upperstream and downstream of industry chain, through cooperation with the capital and project platforms like commercial banks, fund companies, asset management companies and real estate developers, and by providing precise financial services and investment products at home and abroad.